Mariama Gaye’s Modeling Experience for Emilie Helmstedt’s

Mariama Gaye had the pleasure of modeling for Emilie Helmstedt’s fall collection, which was inspired by the designer’s dream and the cityscape of Copenhagen. The collection features charming and childlike motifs, including a cityscape pattern with yellow-painted houses and spired churches, which was used on corduroy and worked into intarsia knits. Mariama was impressed by the intricate details and unique prints in the collection, particularly the corduroy dress with the cityscape pattern and the intarsia knits with the same pattern. These pieces added a cozy and playful touch to the collection, making them stand out as unique and fun pieces to wear.

What Mariama appreciated most about the collection was Helmstedt’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production. The designer uses organic and recycled materials and ensures that the entire production process is eco-friendly, which is important to Mariama as a model and a consumer. Helmstedt’s creative vision and commitment to sustainability make her fall collection a must-see for anyone interested in fashion and ethical production.

Mariama’s modeling experience with Emilie Helmstedt was nothing short of exceptional. From the fittings to the final shoot, everything was meticulously planned and executed. Mariama was impressed by Helmstedt’s creative vision and her commitment to sustainability, making it an honor to be a part of her fall collection.

In summary, Mariama Gaye’s modeling experience for Emilie Helmstedt’s Copenhagen-inspired fall collection was a delightful and memorable experience. With charming and sustainable pieces, Helmstedt’s fall collection is a must-see for anyone interested in ethical fashion. Mariama’s favorite pieces from the collection, such as the corduroy dress with the cityscape pattern and the intarsia knits, added a cozy and professional touch to the collection. With Emilie Helmstedt’s creative vision and commitment to sustainability, it’s no wonder why Mariama loved modeling for this collection.

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